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As well as many more besides. This helps to categorise and find specific entries easily. The OCD side of my nature tends to overheat when I see a mixture of lower-case, upper case or a combination of the two. I also try to ensure that there are no more than two tags per entry. Were I to become trigger-happy with the number of tags I create, I can quickly become overwhelmed when it comes to:. That brief rule of thumb covers the format, so here are the most frequently used tags within my workflow:.

Templates in Day One via Shortcuts

When it comes to journaling, and given my last example, you could assume this relates to films I watch, restaurants I visit or books I have read. If so, put it to work to make your journal even more useful.

What’s changed, and what hasn’t

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Much Love for Day One

Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. What purposes? You can then select and export the entries for a single person to create a baby book, commemorate a special anniversary or remember a relative.

The 10 Best Journaling Apps for

Create and publish a travel journal. Maintain an inventory of family treasures — old and new.

Collect and organize research notes. App: Day One. The app features a simple and elegant interface that is uniform and consistent across all platforms.

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Your data gets backed up locally or through iCloud. Again, Day One is free to download on your device. Basic only gets you one photo per entry, one journal, and no cloud services. A recent 3. With Transcription, you can record one-minute clips of audio at a time up to 10 minutes and have it transcribed into text.

Renaming Tags

Audio-only recordings can be up to 30 minutes in length. App: Moodnotes. Moodnotes sports a simple, colorful interface that feels natural to use.