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It's fresh, yet full of the classic tobyMac we know. You won't be disapointed! TobyMac has his Eye on the Goal Posted January 29, Awesome work in the now well known tobyMac style. We have come to know what to expect from him, and he keeps on delivering. Ever creative, ever fresh. Personally, I am not a huge fan of electronic Hip Hop style music.

TobyMac is an exception to that. He rocks the house with great hooks and memorable lines. I Love it!!!!

It has some of the best tobyMac songs that he has done! It has some very touching songs on suprisingly like forgivness and family! A must for anyone who loves tobyMac and his style of music!! Eye On It!

Toby Mac is very talented!! I love it and I have listened to it a lot since I got the album. But I loved all of the songs on this album.

TobyMac is Back (and Black?)

I also have to mention that Jamie Grace is also featured on Favorite Song. This is one of the best albums I have heard from tobyMac as it has a real awesome diversity in music. The featured artists on the tobyMac albums including this album make the album even better. If your a fan of tobyMac be sure to get this album and listen to it more than once you will love it as much as I do.

If you love or like music from tobyMac be sure to get this album and add it to your collection of his albums. Be sure to get it as soon as you can and listen to it on repeat. Every song on this album is a repeater meaning that I can't stop listening to it over and over. Me without you is a song that says that no one can live without the help of God. Tobymac's words are very strong and applies to everyone. Steal my show means that instead of you taking everything into your own hands nothing will get done for the good. Instead you should allow God to take complete control an listen to Him everything will turn for the better.

Eye on it means that keep your on the ultimate prize,heaven,and that when you put your eye on God you will most definitely gain eternal life with Him.

Mac Daddy by Tru Mac

Forgiveness means that no matter how many wrong things we have done or about to do,"No matter how lost you are your not that far yout not too far,No matter how hurt you are your not that far your not too far,No matter how wrong you are your not that far your not too far,and No matter who you are your not that far your not too far. Speak life means that you should witness to others about Christ rather than not.

Unstoppable means that once you start to tell others about Him there's no stopping it. Lose myself means that you have to forget about yourself to fully follow God in everything you do. Anyway this is just a little bit of what the album has to offer. Check out one of Tobymac's greatest albums and I guarntee that his words will speak to you.

My favorite song on it is "Forgiveness".

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Its a good reminder that God always forgives us no matter what! I also love "Eye On It"! I saw tobyMac sing it at Winter Jam: Kierbo3 2. And it has to start with me.

Toby Mac - the slam Lyrics | SongMeanings

I really believe that individual change leads to societal change—relationships with people who are not like us is where the change begins. These relationships are not the sole answer, but they will lead us to the answers.

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That is how we will change the culture. For everyone out there in the world braving the elements, TobyMac has served up a musical invitation to stand firm and let go of the worry that can beat a soul down. I was going to have to do it for you if you neglected it.

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The word poser comes to mind. My youth pastor, who spent a number of years in youth ministry with actual black students, has a deep dislike for Toby based on this very issue.

This is a racist reaction. Let people be people. There will always be racism as long as we make this big issue of it. Intentionality strengthens racism. If we are the same, there should be no need to make anything of it. Pretty spiffy! I just think he wants the world to be more accepting of other cultures, other religions. Email me if you do, though.